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  • Harris Waterston

Murder on Sea Pt.2

Danny then woke up to the loud thud of the Jet landing on the runway, he felt refreshed after the little nap and couldn't wait to see his friend. Danny got through passport control in a breeze, but as he got out of the Airport he saw Phil, his friend, waiting for everyone. I went to him, and we talked for ages. As we got to the dock, I asked him who that unfamiliar person was on the flight, he then told me it would be a surprise for this evening. Danny and the others got to the yacht, and he really wasn't kidding when he said a “superyacht” Danny was impressed by its size it was crazy. He walked on the yacht and felt underdressed by the amount of people in nice clothing. A butler brought him to his room, Danny then unpacked and put everything in its place before going up and talking to some of the other guests. Phil Jobs then spoke and said, “Hello everyone it's wonderful that you could all make it tonight there will be a big dinner this evening and after there will be an afterparty at 12 o'clock sharp I will then reveal an amazing surprise for my Birthday now rest up and I'll see you all at 8”. Danny went to his room and got ready to take a swim before dinner. As he went, he saw a lot of famous people on the boat feeling like an outcast Danny took a quick swim and went to his room that may I add is incredibly luxurious. Danny got ready and headed off early to have a glass of champagne before dinner. He sat down on a couch on the deck and sipped on the Champaigne that he got from a waiter.

He was living THE LIFE with the wind blowing through his hair and the amazing views over the sea, he wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else than this. The clock was heading to 8 so he made his way to where dinner would be served. A lot of people were there, I'd say around 20, as we sat down Phil entered the room fashionably late like always. The first course was served, and it was amazing after this course though Phil excused himself to go to the toilet. Soon after the unfamiliar women also left but nobody really noticed. As everyone was talking with each other about their business etc. We heard a loud bang like a gun, but it was a gun Danny could make out that it was a handgun. Danny rushed to the scene to see...

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