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  • Harris Waterston

Murder on the Sea Pt.3

Phil lay on the ground with a bullet to in chest, everyone was screaming and didn’t know what to do. Danny checked his pulse and confirmed he was dead. Then the weird unfamiliar women came out of the bathroom and screamed “No Phil we were going to live an amazing life together why did it have to be cut short” everyone stared at her and asked her what she meant. She explained that the big surprise at 12 o’clock would be their engagement. Everyone looked at her thinking that she may have done this for his money. Danny asked everyone to go to their room and lock the door, he would then gather clues and notify the police. No one knew what to do so they listened to him and returned to their room. Danny wanted to speak to his new fiancé to see if she would give him any clues to if she was the murderer of Phil Jobs. She then agreed and let him check her room he couldn’t find any clues towards her killing Phil Jobs but wouldn’t give up easily and questioned her. She would reply with answers that would have no reason for her to have a motive to killing Phil.

Next Danny went to Phil’s son who should get all the wealth of his father what a motive for murder would be, as Danny checked the room and asked the son some questions that could help him a lot for the conclusion. Next Phil’s lawyer he had no motive to kill Phil but could give Danny more clues on whether Phil’s fiancé killed Phil Jobs. His Lawyer was very careful because whatever he shared with Danny could get him in a lot of trouble. He told Danny so much. “I do not know of a change to his will, but he would normally have to inform me about it, so that I could help him to publish the will.” Danny then knew who he had to talk to next, Phil’s business partner he remembered how he saw a document peeking out of the lawyer's bag stating that he would get Phil’s company on his death. He rushed to Phil’s business partner’s room but peaked in and saw him talking to someone that Danny couldn’t recognise, suddenly the person started walking to the door so Danny hid behind the table next to the door where room service would place your order. The person walked out and went the other way Danny then knocked on the door and went in, Phil’s business partner was surprised to see Danny, Danny then asked if he could look around. Danny also asked for his name. He told him it was Frank, Danny then said hello to Frank before he went off looking for clues. Danny had found enough to almost close his case already but needed one last thing.

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