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  • Maya Rose

My Faraway Tree Cake

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the UNESCO World Book Month Competition, but it’s a competition with different categories, all to do with imagination and books. One of the categories is called the “Tasty Book Competition”. Basically, you bake a cake matching the cover or that represents a book of your choice. I decided this year I would take part and I wanted to share my cake with others too, so here is my Faraway Tree cake and my inspiration behind it.

The book "The Enchanted Wood" by Edin Blyton is about three children named Joe, Beth and Frannie who recently moved into the country out of the town. One day they discover an enchanted wood behind their cottage. They find the faraway tree, which is this massive, never-ending tree that reaches the crazies adventure lands like the land of birthdays. They go on lots of eye-opening adventures with their friends, the folk of the faraway tree. This book is part of a four-book series. My cake is based on the first book and it‘s cover. My mom would read this book to my little sister and I when we were younger, and I still love the book to this day! The book transports you into a

land of imagination!

I made the cake out of dark chocolate cupcakes and white chocolate frosting. On the cake I used fondant and sugar paste to make the characters and mushrooms. I made my three favorite characters to put on the cake: Silky the fairy, moon-face who lives in the tree with round furniture and the loud barn owl who lives next to moon-face. I also made some mushrooms and golden berries to put on the cake to match the title cover of the book. The magical cloud on the cake, that represents the tallness of the tree I made with strawberry cotton candy. I had so much fun making this cake and let me say, it tasted amazing too!

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