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  • Phyllis Pantazis

My Trip to a Summer House with my Friends Pt.2

...he had blood stains on his shirt. Horrified and nervous I asked him:” George,

why are there blood stains on your t-shirt?” George looked down at his shirt and

hastily tried to brush away the blood stains and responded: “oh it's probably

nosebleed, I get it a lot.” Even though I knew he never gets nosebleed and did not

believe him I still brushed it off and tried to get some sleep.

About 2 hours later I woke up to George and Micheal screaming at me. “Wake

up!! The plane is about to crash!” Half asleep and confused I asked them what

happened and quickly pulled the life vest from under my seat and put it over my

head. Sarah then proceeded to tell me that someone drugged the captain and

sabotaged the fuel supply and that we were going straight towards the ocean. My

heart raced, an overwhelming mix of shock and fear covered me. Micheal was

trembling and I could see tears streaming down his face. Sarah was surprisingly

calm. George was pale and stared blankly out of the window. But then a flight

attendant shouted "BRACE!” and we all went down and held our heads. The whole

plane quaked as we landed on the ocean. Everyone made their way to the nearest

exit, lined up and blew up their life vests as they jumped into the freezing ocean.

Our group of four was at the end of the line and then after a few minutes it was our

turn. I held Sarah's hand as we jumped into the ocean and the boys followed us.

We swam to the rest of the people who were all huddled up on a blowup slide. The

cabin crew came a few seconds after us and divided themselves between the three

slides. With the help of the cabin crew, we started paddling to a nearby stranded


It took us a total six and a half hours to finally arrive at the island. The crew

members counted how many we were and assigned us to separate groups. Sadly,

16 people passed away due to impact, drowning, and hypothermia. Each group

was asked to search for food and water on the island as well as to gather material

for building a safe space to sleep. "It is obvious that someone sabotaged the plane.

We need to try to find out who it was.” said Micheal while we were looking for

food. “Don't make a fool out of yourself, we should be thankful we survived the

accident,” said George. “Be quiet George! We all know it was you, you are just

trying to hide the fact so that you do not get caught” I blurted out. But then a knife

pierced through my skin and into my chest and I fell to the ground. As I lay on the

ground in pain and disbelieve, I saw Sarah committing suicide with the same knife.

I asked her “Why!?” With tears streaming down her face, she screamed at me

"You stole everything from me! You stole my family from me, you made them like

you more than me, you stole my place as the smartest in the grade and you stole

my popularity! You made me depressed, by stealing everything from me and

leaving me with nothing. I just wanted to die at that point, but I could not die

without killing you first! So, I paid someone to take the fuel out of the plane and

drug the captain to crash the plane in hopes that we would all die, but that went

wrong. So, I had to find a way to kill you.” With my last breath I cried out “I

thought we were friends, I... I trusted you!” and passed away whilst sobbing.

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