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  • Nadia Balogun

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve, what a nice celebration. New Year’s Eve is the celebration of a new year. You mostly celebrated with friends and family. There are mostly always fireworks on that day. On, New Year’s Eve, a lot of people drink sparkling wine. Did you know that the Time square ball weighs almost six tons. About 1 million people in New York wait for the Time square ball to drop on New Year’s Eve. Celebrating New Year’s Eve began around 2000 B. C in Mesopotamia. New Year's Eve is known for dancing, eating, drinking or lighting fireworks. New Year’s Eve is on December 31th and New Year’s Day is in January the 1th. In Spain they eat 12 grapes to welcome New Year’s Eve. Pope Gregory XIII decided that New Year’s was still on January 1. The first country to be in the New Year is Kiribati islands. The countries that are the last to see the New Year are Niue and American Samoa. The 12 fruits for the New Year are pineapple, orange apple, mango, banana, watermelon avocado, grapes, papaya lemon, lychee, and pomegranates. 

A tradition in Denmark, is that the Danish throw unused plates that they save throughout the whole year and smashed them on their friends or family's doorsteps for good luck. In Italy, South Africa, Puerto Rico and in Cuba they throw furniture out of their windows on New Year’s Eve. 30% of the people fall asleep before New Year’s Eve. Apparently, you are not supposed to wash your clothes on New Year’s Eve. A strange tradition that some people in the UK do is first footing. First footing is when the first person who steps their foot in your house, gets all the fortunes for the New Year. In Denmark, another tradition is that you stand on chairs before midnight. New Year’s Eve is supposed to symbolise good fortunes and revolutions for the New Year. A New Year's Eve quote is “let the old year out and the New Year in”. New Year’s Eve used to be on March 20th. January is named after a god with two faces. A New Year’s Eve tradition, is to make noise and not cry. Southerners eat black eyed beans on New Year’s Eve to have good luck. Gifts or gilded nuts, or coins were used to show the start of New Year’s Eve in Rome. Are you excited for New Year’s Eve after reading this article?  

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