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  • Marie-Carla Rekate

Our Comfort Zone

This world is known for it’s many beautiful and unique sights and experiences that have created life to the extent that we know it. It contains boundless opportunities and experiences and holds everything that we know, love understand but often leaves us feeling blessed and insignificant. Yet many people live their life without using the chance to explore the never-ending horizons our planet has to offer.

Many of you will know the concept described as the “comfort zone.” It is a place where you are safe and secure, with nothing that will stress or challenge you. Nothing that could hurt or upset you, but also nothing that could show you new things you have not yet discovered. You are familiar with yours. A certain group of people, a trip, an activity? These are just a few things that you might have wanted to try, but found yourself unable to do so because of a mental block. That is a moment where you become aware of the borders of your zone. However, to experience the most in life it is important to push these boundaries, even when that might seem anything from challenging to impossible.

Theres no one who has gone through life and never regretted a choice that they have made. The biggest regrets are however the feeling of a missed opportunity. A missed chance to grow. By going outside and trying things you normally dont do or avoid, you are giving yourself a chance to experience new things and live your life to the fullest. You make new skills and new connections. And even if it backfires you have gained experience. You learn lessons from mistakes which also help you grow. So, either way, by getting up and putting yourself out there you will find opportunities to deepen your knowledge and experience. All it takes is talking to someone you do not normally speak with or signing u for something you would not normally do.

With this I am not saying that you should do something that does not interest you or bores you. It is simply vital that you do not let the fear of what others think of you, stop you from doing something you have wanted to do or experience. However, I do think the comfort zone exists for a reason. Our bodies and brains are wired to keep us alive, so this human thought process cannot only be a pointless restraint method that keeps us from living our life to the fullest. I believe that the comfort zone is there to warn us. It gives us the heads up that we are about to agree to do something that could bring us in an uncomfortable situation. In extreme scenarios it can even stop us from putting ourselves in danger. This is why it is important to take these thoughts in consideration. If you are aware of your comfort zone telling you something you can judge whether it is a genuine decision to learn and experience or if it is a bad idea and should be avoided.

Despite the few positive aspects of staying where you are comfortable it is key to push yourself past the limits your mentality creates. By extending your limits, you can find out new things about you, that you did not know and discover aspects to your skills and character that you did not know. By stepping out of your comfort zone you can also build your self-confidence. Sometimes it takes a few bad attempts but eventually you will discover the skill of taking away the awkward aspects and simply enjoy the adventures our world has to offer.

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