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  • Sophia Schweer

Owning a Cat: Pros and Cons

Humans have coexist with cats for centuries. Even the Egyptians worshipped them for their incredible hunting prowess. Nowadays, however, cats tend to spend two thirds of their lives sleeping, just because they can. When they aren’t sleeping, they can be seen demanding top quality food, preferably moving water, cleaning their velvety fur, teasing dogs, cackling at birds outside of your window, or exploring the bushes in your neighbour's garden .

They are not all that bad, as it is scientifically proven that they bring a sense of purpose, joy and enrichment into your life helping you to live longer. Cats also serve as a fluffy bed warmer or perhaps lap warmer if you serve them well. Although their fur will seem to remain permanently on your clothing, bear in mind that this is a sign of affection as well as their attempt to keep you warm. In order to stop your furry friend's fluff from getting everywhere you should vacuum more often and you should brush them regularly.

Despite their endless amount of fur they manage to keep it rather clean as cats typically spend fifteen to fifty percent of their day grooming themselves. This is normal for them as it fulfils many of their needs: for example, it can destress them. Cats are diurnal, which means they are active between dawn and dusk. Their night behaviour, teasingly labelled "the night crazies" by some, may cause owners to have a lack of sleep. However, after the hyperactive activity, the cats might snuggle up next to you in bed. They are very warm and fluffy, however they have sharp claws that can do significant damage to upholstered furnishings!

During the day cats can be a great companion but unlike dogs they look after themselves. They are naturally curious and enjoy cuddles.

An important negative aspect of living with cats would be the litterbox. Unless you are lucky enough to have a cat which is largely outdoors, in which case it would be unnecessary.

To summarize, I highly recommend getting a cat, as their pros far outweigh the cons.

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