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  • Matilda Thomann Studholme

Phone usage

Phones have been around for only about 30 years yet more than half the population possess this device, 6.92 billion to be precise. This number is constantly growing and the fact that this device is the key to any normal life these days is only one of the many reasons people buy them today.

Phones give one access to the internet, social media, and unlimited information. Who would not want that? The opportunities phones can provide people are incredible, but too much of everything can be damaging. The average person uses their phone 3hrs 15min a day and checks it 58 times, 3 in 4 people claim to use their phone more than they should. If you think you are not being affected by this, then you should note that the UK’s average phone usage has increased by an hour in just the past 2 years. says DataReportal. In comparison to this, less than 2hrs screentime is recommended by experts. The reasons for phone time restriction being necessary is due to many factors including some direct health effects. Phones get brought everywhere and lots of people do not frequently clean them, leading to bacteria building up on the surface of the phone. Phones can also cause back and neck problems thanks to constant arching over the device. One is 23 times more likely to crash when texting and driving and 4 times more likely when on the phone with someone while driving. Those were only some of the issues that have occurred. There is more like eyes getting worse by damaging the cornea, sleep deprivation is also a symptom of cell phone addiction, because of the need to use it just before going to sleep.

In conclusion, it is necessary to stick to the recommended time and make sure to take breaks and care about one's health over the need to use one’s phone.

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