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  • Barbara D'Arrigo

Poverty in India

When people think of poverty, they often think of places in Africa. But we should also think of other

places, like India. In total around 97.3 million people are in extreme poverty, living under 2 USD

a day. Families that live on such tight budgets often need their children to work as child

laborers. Without school these families can never get out of poverty.

Although there are some positive aspects of child labor, the negative ones are more significant.

Examples of negative points are the health of the children or the lack of proper education.

The causes of poverty are rapid population growth, which leads to more homelessness and

bad housing. Another cause is unemployment. With the rapid population growth there are fewer

and less jobs available that people can assume.

Lack of natural resources, high inflation rates and low knowledge of technology are other

prominent causes. Poverty can only be stopped by ending its root causes and providing a better

education for the younger generations.

Poverty can also harm the environment. Improper waste disposal, unhealthy living conditions

and the constant pressure on the environment are having a noticeable negative impact.

There are a few simple things everyone can do:

Buy a piece of stationery and donate it to charities

Donate money to a charity against poverty

Raise awareness about the problem

This is a most pressing issue and we must do something about it. If you think it is the wrong

time to do something against other problems besides the situation in Ukraine, remember that

there are innocent people suffering in India. They need our help as well!

"Overcoming poverty is not an act of charity. It is an act of justice."

Nelson Mandela

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