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Race Across the World

Race Across the World is a TV show that first started in March in 2019, encouraging normal people to go on an adventure in the hopes of winning £20,000.

This year, 5 teams embarked on a 16, 000 Kilometre trek through Canada. Starting off on Vancouver Island and ending at St. Johns, Newfoundland, each team is given a budget of £2,498.13 to spend on their adventure. This is the estimated cash equivalent of what the airfare would cost to fly to the destination. The teams aren’t allowed any phones or access to the internet. Instead, they are given a map to navigate their way around Canada. They can also ask locals for directions. If the teams are low on cash, they are given a list of local job opportunities by the producers to make up for the lost cash. There are usually 6 checkpoints and typically the teams have a few days to reach each checkpoint.

This year’s contestants for the 3rd season of Race Across the World are:

Cathie Rowe and Tricia Sail:

Cathie and Trish are two women in their late forties that have been best friends their entire life. Cathie (49) is a director and works at a local pharmacy, whereas Tricia (48) is a bank clerk. This team said they were looking forward to doing something “a little bonkers”.

Claudia and Kevin Dawkins:

This father-daughter duo decided to apply to Race across the World to rebuild their relationship with each other due to Kevin ‘s lacking presence in Claudia’s life for the most part. Claudia (27) works in Product development and buying. Kevin (53) is a marine canopy maker.

Ladi and Monique Ajayi:

Another father-daughter duo taking part in this journey. However, for Ladi (52) and Monique (25) this is one last opportunity for quality time and learning life skills before Monique really starts her own life. It’s really important for Ladi to teach Monique some more life skills because she has gotten princess treatment all her life. Monique: “My main motivations are because I love travelling, but on holiday […] I want to challenge myself to be able to experience countries in a way that I probably never would unless it was a show like this.”

Marc and Michael:

Marc (36) and Michael (34) are brothers wanting to build a relationship up with each other. Marc is a lift operator and Michael is a manager and works in a children’s services.

Zainib Khan and Mobeen Qureshi:

Mobeen (31) is an orthopaedic surgeon. Zainib (32) is a psychiatrist. The married couple from Manchester desperately want some adventure in their life as they are both only in their early thirties.

You can watch the show on BBC I-Player. One more episode until the winner is announced!

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