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  • Theodor Meinhardt

Religions – What we believe in

People have believed in different or even quite similar deities for thousands of years. For example, in ancient times it was common to believe in many gods, but each religion has its own culture. The major religions at the moment are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. These 5 religions are called world religions. Every religion has different festivals, different customs, different deities (most of them anyway) and different cultures. Hinduism sees itself as the "eternal" religion.

The Hinduism: The Hindus build temples in the form of sacred mountains, they live in the so-called "caste system" that divides people into four groups. The untouchables do not belong in these four groups, they stand outside. A great role model in Hinduism is the world-famous Mahad Magandi, who, for the first time in human history, fought a peaceful war without violence and death.

The Judaism: Then there is Judaism. Jesus, one of the greatest prophets of Christianity and Judaism, belonged to Judaism. Jews have been persecuted and killed time and again throughout history. In the course of time, however, they fought for their own country: Israel.

The Christianity: Christianity consists of two parts: the Evangelists and the Catholics. Almost 500 years ago, Martin Luther reformed the Catholic Church and founded a new, freer branch of Christianity: the Evangelists. Not only Christianity but also Judaism believe in the same God - they just practice their belief differently.

The Islam:

Muslims (I.e. the followers of Islam) believe that there is only one god and that Mohammed was his last prophet. They also believe in all other prophets and in the holy books, such as the Koran, Torah or Bible. They believe that their god created angels as well as us humans and that there will be a second, eternal life after death. Among other things, Muslims pray a total of five times a day and go to Moshes, the Islamic prayer houses.

The Buddhism: Buddhists believe it all started with a prince named Siddharta. He meditated under a fig tree for seven years until he finally found enlightenment and became Buddha. Buddha's eyes see everything. Buddhists believe that every living being is reborn until all greed, ignorance and envy are overcome. The goal is to escape this cycle and thus reach nirvana. But no matter what religion you belong to - maybe none at all - no matter what a person believes in, it is the right thing for everyone and that is a good thing.

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