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  • Axel Conradt

Renewable Energy

At the moment, a lot of people are struggling to afford power in the UK. This is due to the low wind in summer and the freezing cold temperatures in winter. Most people rely on gas heating which is not very renewable. But what other options are there?

Solar energy

This energy method makes up 28% of the UK’s renewable energy.

Solar energy is the most common and popular way of getting renewable energy. One big

reason for this is because Solar panels are commercially available. It´s possible to power a house with them and if there's too much energy, it can be sold. But the downside is that over time dust gathers on them and reduces their productivity by a lot.

Wind power

This energy method makes up 37% of the UK’s renewable energy. Wind power is mostly seen in big fields far away from cities or off the coast in the ocean (due to the higher wind). The fastest a wind turbine can go is up to 180mph. But this also isn't perfect; it has been reported that living near them can make people depressed, because the of the continuous, low sound people hear when they’re near it.

Hydroelectric Power

This energy method makes up 4% of the UKs renewable energy. Hydroelectric power is probably the least known renewable energy source out of these three. This is built in fastmoving rivers: there is a turbine in those rivers, similar to the wind turbine. But like everything it has a downside, as this way of renewable energy disrupts the wildlife in that river, like salmon and more.

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