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  • Maya Rose

Roses are red and so are devils

Once upon a time, in an ancient land, there lived a woman. She was a single mother who, unlike others, had a guardian devil. She was born with a curse that led to her devil controlling her. The devil caused her many difficulties. She had problems making decisions since her devil would always make her contradict them. Nightmares were a common occurrence too. It troubled her lots yet she managed to keep her devil’s evil to herself. Even though she was filled with anger and hatred she didn't want to become like the bully that bullied her.

When she fell pregnant, she was afraid of giving her child the curse. She made a deal with her devil to spare the child from the terrible curse in return for her life. Soon after she gave birth to a son she passed away. Three decades later, her son got married and became father of a beautiful daughter. While she possessed the beauty of the mother who she

resembled greatly, her beautifully glowing eyes were her grandmother’s. Her father had given his child a rose that reminded him of his mother. This had been the last living plant in her bedroom. It used to stand on her nightstand and always had this red glow to it. What they didn’t know is that the rose had grown in the ashes of his passed away mother which contained the curse that hadn't been broken yet. The daughter loved rose and took good care of it, as if it was the most precious thing to her. She never had met her grandma, but in some way, she felt connected to her through the beautiful flower.

One day one of the petals began to wilt. The daughter was devastated. She tried her best to keep the rose alive, but within two days it had wilted away. At this point she started to get terrible nightmares and became scared of herself. She thought this was the consequence of losing her grandma's flower. The devil inside of her had been released and she started to become aggressive, especially towards her parents who her change in behaviour worried rather much, because they didn’t understand what they had done to their daughter that caused her to be so angry. Even though the curse really got to the daughter, she had an advantage her grandmother didn’t. The bit of kindness she still possessed gave her the strength to realize that it was her choice between good and evil.

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