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  • Cosima Krome

Scarlett's Red Ribbon (Part Three)

When I looked back up at the lady, I felt tears running down my cheeks. When the woman kindly asked me what was wrong, I burst out crying and started to explain why my sister should have been here and that there was supposed to be a number 16. After I finished, she looked up at me confused and told how there was a number 16 just around the corner. The thumping in my chest slowly started again. But why did the other woman tell me there wasn’t a number 16?  

I gratefully thanked the woman before I ran around the corner of the road where you could clearly see another house. When I approached its mailbox, I read 16, Chestnut Grove, Brighton, and right under it, it said “Mrs. Gilmore”. While I rushed to the front door, I could sense my excitement rising. Since it was starting to get dark, I decided to immediately ring the doorbell. What could happen anyways, it was my grandmother, I thought to myself. 

 I was shocked when the lady that opened the door was the same woman who told me this house didn’t even exist! Before I could have said anything, I heard a muffled cry coming from what I assumed was the cellar. “Scarlett!” I yelled, pushing past the woman. I quickly got to the cellar door and with one strong push I opened it. I flung myself into my sister's arms the second I saw her. Once again, I felt my eyes filling with tears but this time happy ones. Before I could talk to her though, I could hear the voice of a woman.  

“I’m so sorry it had to be like this. I made a terrible mistake accepting that money,” the lady with blond hair just like mine and my sister’s said.  

“What are your talking about? Who the hell are you?” I asked her.  

She looked at me, confused. “It’s me! Clara Gilmore! Your mother! Did you never see any pictures of me?” 

 Overwhelmed, I took a step back. “Father always told us you didn’t want anything to do with us!” Scarlett said. 

 “That’s not at all what happened! When I told your father I had no feelings for him anymore, he decided to pay me to never come looking for you.” 

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