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School lunches around the world

Everyone knows what lunch is like at this school. But how is it around the world? Here are 7 different examples of lunch from 7 different countries around the world.


French students usually have a four-course menu. You start with a fresh salad. For the main course they have quality proteins like salmon with a side of broccoli. You wouldn't be French if you didn't eat cheese with baguette and cranberry jam afterwards. Before you go back to class. A little treat is a must.


Food in Ethiopia is usually plant-based. Various little things like spicy lentils, zucchini, split-pea and a soup called Kik Alicha are eaten with Injera which is a flatbread.

South Korea:

In South Korea students eat off steel trays sectioned out for perfect portion size. The big section is for rice, the circle holds soup, the smaller portions are for tangy, meat and vegetables.


Italian students get a two course meal every school day. In Rome the meal must be at least 70% organic. They start with Italian pasta and finish with a salad with tomato mozzarella and a tasty grilled chicken.


In México kids do not bring a meal, instead a morning snack such as a torta layered with spicy bean dip, sliced ham, tomato, and fresh, crisp lettuce.


Ukraineian kids get their lunch in three courses: First, a soup course such as borscht followed by byeat and starch like grilled sausages with potato- and cheese-stuffed dumplings called varenyky. They finish sweet with a shortbread biscuit.


Finland is the first country in the world that provides free lunch for every student. The lunch ensures high nutrition standards. The plate is covered with lots of vegetables, crispbread, salad and other small things.

The lunch here in the UK is a lot different to that in outher countries all around the world.

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