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  • Giulia Detlefsen

Secrets always unravel in Snow- Pt.1

 I was inside when it started snowing. Tears of joy rolled down my eyes when I realised it was the first snow of the year. Good things always happen when it snows, I was born on a snowy day, my first tooth fell out on a snowy day and every year it snows on my birthday. My mother loved snow too, she loved it so much she named me Sky, where snow comes from. Sadly, my mother passed away when I was 10 years old and now the snow reminds me of her. Today I am 12 years old. I grew up in Alaska high in the mountains with my older brother Lorenzo who is 14 years old, my older sister Matilda who is 13 years old and my triplet sisters Laura and Erina who are 10 years old. We do not come from a wealthy family and barley have enough money for food and water. Our father is an alcoholic and drug addict and never comes home. From a young age I had to take care of my siblings, because my older brother and sister were always working. Recently my older brother was arrested for selling alcohol at school, so money has been tight.  

One morning I saw that new, wealthy neighbours had moved in. My temptation took control of me, and I decided to try and steal some money. I knew it was wrong, but we were starving, I had no choice. At night I climbed over their back garden fence and made my way towards a pool house, where they had a safe, presumably, I thought, filled with money. As I made my way towards the pool house, I heard a loud sound and quickly hid in some bushes. Not far away the owner of the house came running with some people in a black suit and covered faces. I watched as they ran next to the pool. They seemed to be in a rush and one of them said: “That little boy was hard to get in the truck!". At this point I knew that I was not supposed to hear that. As I slowly moved away, I accidentally stepped on a branch, which cracked making a loud noise. I prayed that my neighbour and his friends didn't hear the sound, but they clearly did, because they came running over. I had never been this scared in my life and I just froze not knowing what to do. Should I run, I thought, should I play dead, what should I do? But before I even took one step, they had caught me. With all my power I tried to fight them, but they were just too strong and pushed me into a big van. 

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