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  • Giulia Detlefsen

Secrets always unravel in snow- Pt.2

 I still remember my heart beating so loud, that I could hear it. What am I supposed to do now? I thought, whilst crying my eyes out. That night I did not sleep one bit at all. Although I was in a van, I could still see a lot of my surroundings a little bit, the truck was very big, and it had many handcuffs on the sides of it. It looked like there have been other people in this truck before me, which really freaked me out and made me think about how much I really knew about my neighbour.  The ride was very bumpy, and it was possible that we were going down the mountain into the city, because I could not hear the snow under the truck’s wheels anymore and I started to hear voices. I have never cried so much in my entire life, and I guess I was crying very loudly too, because about halfway through the ride I heard a person say: “Screw this, this is impossible, I can't take this crying anymore, it is driving me insane!". A few moments later, a person in a black mask, a little bit taller than me, opened the back of the truck door. I became really scared and confused and moved my body towards a corner of the truck. My kidnapper slowly walked towards me and suddenly stretched his hand out, which was carrying some sticky substance and shoved the substance into my mouth. His movements were quite sudden, and my instincts kicked in and I whacked the hand away and noticed that the hand had a scar shaped like a heart. The intruder quickly stuffed the sticky substance into my mouth and my mouth started burning like crazy, until I started to get dizzy, and my eyes closed. It was like I was paralysed, I could hear everything, but I wasn't able to move my body no matter how hard I tried. I counted and remembered everything like in movies, even the smallest details.  

It was morning when hours later we arrived, and I suddenly woke up from my coma–like state.  My neighbour and his friends had put me in a big building full of nothing but hundreds, if not thousands of people stuffed shoulder to shoulder next to each other. It was hot and stuffy and there were no showers, no toilets, nothing but people. For lunch we had a slice of bread and that was the only meal we had in the whole day. 

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