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  • Giulia Detlefsen

Secrets always unravel in snow- Pt.3

Most of the time the guards even didn't even give us lunch, which meant we sometimes ate nothing at all. We were starving and many were dying. For clothes we stayed in the ones we were kidnapped in. The guards made us work in a mine and gave us hammers. Slowly I began to make a friend, she was a girl called Maya, who was a few years older than me. She had shoulder length curly hair and was in this camp for years and slowly began to lose hope. Suddenly she became really sick, and it was clear that she was not going to make it, although I gave her all my food and began to look after her little baby sister Coco. Days felt like months and months like years. Life had no meaning, I wanted to die. A few men decided to take the risk and escape. For months they dug a hole but still made it out of the camp. Ever since then I had hope, but Maya just became sicker and sicker, and I would not leave without her. What was I supposed to do?  

One cold night I was bringing Coco to sleep when I heard a scream. I quickly recognised the voice and ran to Maya. When I got there, I found her lying dead on the floor with a long metal hammer on her chest and I ran with as fast as I could to her. Although I tried to make sure she wouldn’t die, I felt her slowly drifting into away and before she died her last words were: "It was the scar". At that time, I did not think much of it. I felt my chest getting heavy and it became hard to breathe. The thought of me losing her was too much to bear. She was the one who gave me hope that we could one day escape this place. How was I to break the news to poor Coco that her sister had just been murdered? Telling Coco, the news broke my heart and after seeing her cry, I became depressed. That night, as I thought about Maya and her murder, I decided that I was going to solve it and that’s when I started thinking of clues. A big clue was that she was hit with a hammer. Only people that worked in the mine had hammers and from that day I kept my distance from them. 

A year passed and all hope was lost. I wanted to die. One night, as I was about to go to bed, I heard two guards talking... 

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