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  • Giulia Detlefsen

Secrets always unravel in snow- Pt.4

The conversation explained how the police were catching on about all the kidnappings and how they weren't going to feed us anymore in hopes that everyone would die. I was shocked upon hearing this news and told many of the others. Soon enough everybody knew about it, and many had different ideas how to stay alive. For example: Some resorted to cannibalism, some tried to escape, some thought I had lied, and many killed themselves, because they thought it would be less painful than starving. I was part of the group of people who wanted to escape. Many of those who wanted to escape tried to kill the guards and make a run for it. One night, before I went to bed, I was thinking about my life before I was captured and thought a lot about my mother and how she would always braid my hair with her beautiful hands which were small and had a....I stood up in horror when I realised one of my mother's hands had a scar on it, but I'm sure that’s not what Maya was talking about in her last words. Was it? My life just turned upside-down. My mother was so sweet, loving and caring, she was also dead. My head started to spin, when I realised that the person in the truck that kidnapped me also had a scar on their hand that was identical to my mother’s. Why would she do this? I thought she was dead. In every murder there is a motive, but what was hers and to kill Maya, a girl she never knew? It would not make sense. Nothing made sense anymore. But this time I wasn’t going to become depressed, I had to do something and that is when I decided how I was going to escape. My plan was that, during all the chaos caused by people killing guards, I was going to slip past them with Coco and make a run for it. It was a risky plan, but time was ticking. 

The next morning, I executed my plan and it worked, I passed the guards and ran with Coco in my arms. It was very hard, because I had no clue where I was. When I escaped the building, I saw nothing but a big forest and a river. As I ran as fast as the wind into the forest, I noticed someone following me and soon after, suddenly I felt someone punching me in my back. When I turned around, I would never have expected who it was. It was my mother! I was too shocked to move and stood there... 

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