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  • Giulia Detlefsen

Secrets always unravel in snow- Pt.5

Maybe I thought she would pity me, since I was her daughter, I thought. As I fell to the ground my life seemed to flash before my eyes, but I could not die like this, I thought, I would not die like this. Sky Miller’s story does not end here and although I had no strength left, I had to fight. For Coco whom I love like a sister, for Maya who was the best friend anyone could ever wish for, for being captured for all those years and for my family whom I have cared for a long time, this was for them. So, I stood up and with all the strength I launched myself towards her and punched the hell out of her. As she fell to the ground, I only had one question: Why? Why would she do this? Realising she lost the fight, reluctantly she began to explain everything to me. How she never liked my family, how she kidnapped people whom she didn’t like for fun, how she hired someone to make sure I was not unravelling the truth about her fake death and how she kidnapped me for fun and how she killed Maya just to see me suffer. This woman is the devil, I thought. 

When we were done with our little talk, I kicked her again, but she came on me with all her strength. I then simply moved to the side, and she fell into an ice-cold river. Smilingly, I looked at her as I remembered that she cannot swim. 

I took Coco in my arms and sprinted into the forest.  After walking for about a week, we found a town and although it was hard, because the people in that town spoke another language, which I believe was Japanese, me and Coco tried to explain to them what had just happened. It did take some time, till they believed us, but eventually they did and finally brought us home. Tears of joy rolled down my face as it snowed and I would finally return to my normal life after being captured for almost two years and, this time, I didn’t think about how sweet of a person my mother was, but I thought about how now she is dead and she will never ever be able to hurt me or anyone again, but what will always haunt me is knowing that she is watching me from hell and will always haunt my dreams. I guess it is true what everyone always says, secrets do always unravel in snow. 

The end 

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