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  • Alexandra Desbiens

September Heatwave Breaks Record

September heatwave longest ever recorded

A UK record has been broken: the new longest heatwave has been recorded in England since 1898. The heatwave began on the 3rd of September and lasted for the 7 following days, with each day reaching the low 30s (Celsius). Saturday was the warmest day with highs of 33 degrees. The warmest day ever in September was recorded on the 9th of September in Kew Gardens with highs of 33 degrees. This heatwave has broken 2 records: one for the longest in September, the other one for the highest temperatures.

What is a heatwave?

A heatwave is created when warm air is brought over the country and there is high pressure. The sun will then heat up the “trapped” air as it continues circling and temperatures can steadily climb.

The normal expected temperature in September is around 10-20 degrees which is a lot lower than what we have seen over the last few days. The temperatures will suddenly start dropping and go back down to expected September/October weather.

Possible causes for this extreme weather pattern may be climate change. Climate change is the main reason for extreme weather patterns these days. Scientists say, that if we do not do anything against climate change, some places on earth might become too warm to live in.

What to do if there is a heatwave?

If there is a heatwave wear temperature appropriate clothes to not overheat too much. Drink plenty of water not to dehydrate and follow your normal routine I.e., getting up at 7 o’clock... You can also profit from the weather by going to the beach or having a refreshing snack to cool down.

Heatwaves can happen even if there is not climate change and therefore there is not necessarily anything to worry about.

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