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  • Alexandra Desbiens

Special Events in February

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is celebrated on the 2nd of February. People celebrate the emergence of a groundhog which signifies that spring has arrived. If the groundhog has a shadow, it is thought that winter will continue for 6 weeks longer.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week is held from the 6th to the 12th of February. In this week the importance of children’s mental health is emphasised. During this week a lot of schools hold assemblies or Dress to Express days to highlight the importance of mental health.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day takes place on the 7th of February. Safer Internet Day is there to help raise awareness of online safety issues. This day does not only want you to be aware of the dangers of the internet on one day, but wants you to remember problems and dangers throughout the whole year.

World Radio Day

World Radio Day is held on the 13th of February. On this day you are meant to appreciate and celebrate radio. Radios allow us to listen to music and to be updated with current affairs. The radio has had a big impact on many people’s lives.

St. Valentine’s Day

On the 14th of February we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. On this day we take the opportunity to tell loved ones how much they mean to us. Traditionally, people give each other cards or presents like chocolates or flowers.

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