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  • Isabel Raghoo

Tale of a sagpio part 3 

… and the next thing scared me the most: “Scarlet Night, you´re next”.  

I was suddenly as scared as never before. Everyone's eyes lay on me as I walked up to the stage. The entire Zodiac Kingdom was staring at me. When I finally reached the stage, my legs felt like they were made of pudding. My hand reached for the doorknob and all I could think about was all the eyes staring at my back right now. I noticed a strange engraving on the doorknob. Instead of getting a closer look, I decided it was probably better to just get it over with. I took a step inside the gate and was mesmerized by a beautiful tree. My hand reached forward to touch the bark of the tree. It was smooth and yet strong, and I realized the tree must be ancient. Whilst my hand touched the bark I felt a surge of energy in me, and I welcomed it. Then I realized a big creature at the very top of the tree staring at me angrily. The creature looked very lizard like and had red and blue scales, a pink tongue and extremely sharp teeth. As I looked closer, I realised that what seemed to be white teeth were dripping with blood.  That gave me enough adrenaline to make me run for my life, open the gate, step through and close it as fast as I could.  When I had finally caught my breath, I realized that everyone was staring at me as if I had just grown horns. Then I remembered the reason why I went through the gate in the first place. I slowly looked down onto my dress that once was the brightest of white was now as blue as the sea and the colour of flames. The question now on the entire Kingdom’s mind was most probably “What zodiac is she now?” That was the question that was going through my head endlessly whilst people came and brought me off stage. As I was walking down the stairs, I banged my head on a metal pipe from the top of the ceiling and then everything went black...   

The first thing I saw when I woke up was a blond boy who was wearing blue jeans, a red top and a rope around his neck with a strange red stone hanging from it. There was also a girl with crazy blue hair and seashells in her hair. She was wearing black pants and a blue shirt with the sentence “Save the Sea” in white ink. They seemed to be fighting, then another girl came into the room. She had long brown hair and freckles. She said, “Chloe, Leon, be quiet, she's awake! Welcome to camp Scarlett Night.”    

To be continued... 









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