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  • Isabel Raghoo

Tale of a sagpio part 4

... “Chloe, Leon be quiet, she's awake! “, said the girl with freckles, “Welcome to camp, Scarlett Night!”  

I was shocked that this girl knew my name, but then again, I didn't know for how long I have been unconscious for and what rumors people have been able to spread behind my back already. I swallowed down the scream I wanted to release and instead I quickly said “Where am I? What happened? And who are you?”. The girl with freckles laughed and said “My name is Juniper, I am the next Capricorn. This is Chloe, she is the next chosen Cancer. This is Leon, he is the next Leo. You are in the F.E.A.W camp and we do not know much more than you do, Scarlet.” I winced at the sound of my name. It was just too weird to hear my name, when I did not feel like Scarlet Night at all. It was just too much for me. I closed my eyes hoping that the world would seem normal again. Eventually I gave up and opened my eyes and felt like a child, but the others seemed to be worried about me now. “How long have I been out?” I decided to ask. Chloe answered my question “Yesterday was the sorting, you have been unconscious since.” “What?” I heard myself ask with a hint of hysteria in my voice. Now the others seemed really worried about me. “Hi guys we’re back!” someone screamed. Then two people, a boy and a girl came into view. They walked into the room, suddenly they stopped. “Did we interrupt something?” the boy asked confused. “Oh my God she's awake!” the girl realized. “Hi, my name is Madison” “...and my name is James.”  “Nice to meet you” I said politely, as the others continued staring at me. Then James asked “So, what zodiac are you actually?” “James!” Madison whispered and kicked him. “Ow” he muttered under his breath. I sighed “It’s okay. I was really hoping that was just a dream. So, nobody knows what zodiac I am?” Everyone nodded their head. "Or what you are.” said James. Those four words did two things one give Madison an excuse to kick his leg again and two make me want to die of shame. “Why can't I just be normal?” I said to myself. "Because normal is boring?” Leon offered. That was enough to make me turn bright pink. “So, the reason we came here is because we finally found out the room sorting!” Madison said clearly to make a normal conversation for once and I was grateful for that. “What’s the room sorting?” I asked. “Right, you slept through that part. So, the room sorting is when we get our rooms and dorms assigned. The best part in my opinion though, are the roommates. So, who wants to know what room they got assigned? Let's go!” said Chloe. 

To be continued...  



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