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Taliban takes over Afghanistan after twenty years

On the Ides (fifteenth) of August the Taliban marched into Kabul and took over Afghanistan. This article will go into detail about the situation. First of all, what even is the Taliban? For your information, the Taliban is an Islamic military organization.

It was founded in 1994 by Mohammed Omar, the first leader of the Taliban. There are many rumours regarding whether the Taliban was first a Pakistani or Afghani foundation. From 1996 to 2001 Taliban was in control of Afghanistan. Many fear the Taliban because of its behaviour toward women. Twenty years ago, the UK and US military forces drove back the Taliban and since November of that year they have not been in full control of Afghanistan. These armies have been pushing the Taliban back ever since and the Taliban controlled only a few parts of Afghanistan although many then lived in Pakistan. The Taliban has not been at peace in these twenty years. In Pakistan for instance Yusuff Malala was attacked, there have been fights and from time to time a former Priminister or President comes to visit the troops. Only now in August and July did the Taliban gain control and with each day they became stronger and on the fifteenth of August they took over Kabul and with that Afghanistan. For the first few days Afghanis did not set foot outside their homes, after time men and later women got on the streets, despite being very scared and agitated. There were Taliban officers on every corner. Women covered their faces and the US and UK forces started to retreat. Many found this a reckless decision. People wondered why these forces had lost lives for the past twenty years and then decided to not be part of this war and just leave. President Joe Biden was seriously criticised and he did not admit a mistake. He said he would get all the troops out and if he wouldn’t manage by the deadline, he would still get the troops out. Kabul Airport was closed and only permitted for military flights. Many Afghanis still tried to escape and the military has been busy keeping intruders out although they have taken a few people in, as well as British and American residents. In those two weeks, the airport was swarmed with Afghani’s trying to escape or give their children a future. From the first of September the flights stopped and the airport wasn’t open. However the Afghanistan Cricket team quoted that they will rise again, despite it being hard to find hope in these dark times.

Michael Nachbar, 6c

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