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  • Anna Johnson

Ted Lasso - a TV series set in Richmond

Two weeks ago, my parents started a free trial of Apple TV to watch the Oscar winning film Coda. After we were finished with it, we found Ted Lasso, a series which was recommended to us by two friends. We got addicted to it as soon as we had started and decided to keep Apple TV for another month. The entire series is set in Richmond and it’s always exciting to see places you know. They often filmed close to Richmond Green, such as in Richmond theatre, the pub or the little side streets off the green.

The story is about the football club AFC Richmond.Previously it was owned by Rupert Mannion but after his divorce, his much-loved club was given to his wife Rebecca. She hires Ted Lasso from America, who so far has only coached American football. It is her intention for the club to fail because she wants revenge on her ex-husband for cheating on her. Ted Lasso turns out to be a kind and optimistic person. He tries hard to maintain a good team spirit and wants them to work together, even if that means their performance in the premier league weakens. AFC Richmond starts losing game after game and fans of the club become upset, but that doesn’t stop Ted Lasso from bringing the team closer together, which makes Rebecca start to question whether she should tell him the truth.

Personally, I really enjoyed the first season because of its humour and heartwarming moments. The second season is not as funny in my opinion but still very enjoyable. The final season is being filmed at the moment and is set to come out next year.

In conclusion, the series is about forming friendships, relationships and a team that sticks together. I think the series is suitable for 13 years and above (official rating: 15+), as it does contain quite a lot of indecent language. Even though I’m not really interested in sports or football, I still enjoyed it a lot and highly recommend it.


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