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Teddington Footbridge Refurbishment

Teddington Lock Footbridge Refurbishment

Teddington Lock Footbridge is a popular pedestrian connection linking Teddington and Ham. Many DSL students use it every day on their way to and from school. Essential maintenance works to the Grade II listed crossing have now started.


The Teddington Lock Footbridge that connects Ham and Teddington is in fact a pair of historical bridges constructed between 1887 and 1889. Designed by George Pooley and funded by donations from local residents and businesses, they replaced a ferry that used to operate in the area, giving its name to Ferry Road on the North side of the river next to the Anglers pub.

One of these bridges is a suspension bridge, resembling a cool swinging bridge, which spans a fast-flowing part of the River Thames. The other bridge is an iron girder bridge, a sturdy metal structure that crosses the lock cut, linking Swan Ait Island to Ham on the opposite side. Both bridges are considered historically important, earning them Grade II listed status for their preservation.

In recent times, wooden ramps have been added to enhance accessibility, making it easier for people with bicycles or wheelchairs to use the bridges.

Why are the bridges being repaired?

Both bridges are in a pretty bad state of repair. This was the verdict of a principal inspection which took place in 2019 but is pretty obvious to everyone. You can see the damage to the concrete pillars and the rust on the steel structure when you cross. Experts have concluded that the bridge needs a new protective paint system and the corrosions removed. Some parts might have to be replaced.

When do the works start and how long will they take?

The works on Teddington Footbridge started on Monday the 26 of June 2023 and will be completed by the end of 2023 according to Richmond Council.

At what times will the bridge not be accessible?

The planners have come up with a special system that lets workers do most of their tasks without shutting down the bridges. However, they will have to block off the bridges when they are fixing the inner parts of the railings. This is because the bridges are quite narrow, making it tricky to work and let people pass through at the same time.

The bridges will be closed from Monday to Friday between 9.30pm to 6.30am from 11th September until 23rd November 2023. This overnight closure is deemed to keep disruption to a minimum. DSL students will not be affected by the planned closures on their way to and from school but should expect some delays on the footbridge because it is very narrow in areas.

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