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  • Nathan Koall

The Battle of Oskana-Grownslow Pt.1

Once upon a Time there was a lonely Farmer named Vladmiryerovskieskoff who was drinking a beer in a tavern when he overheard an old man talk about a Dragon named Drigdrovskieskoff. The dragon lived high up in a cave in the mountains between the Kingdoms of Oskana and Grownsloaw. Vladmiryerovskieskoff was desperate for a quest, so he decided to set off in Hunt of Drigdrovskieskoff.

The next morning at dusk he set off to find this mythical creature. As he was walking, he found himself in a dark forest he looked around and realized that the forest had grown close behind him. There was no turning back now. Suddenly a winged boar soared down on him showing long bloody tusks. He jumped back and looked at where he the boar had been. It had disappeared. With nowhere else to go, he carried on his journey. A few minutes later he saw a single winged mane- less lion charging in his direction but instead of throwing Vladmiryerovskieskoff back it passed through his body. Full of fear and confusion he ran out of the cursed forest straight into the Mountains.

As he was running, he stumbled and fell down a Cliff into a river. He pulled himself out of the river and saw a big shadow. Vlad looked up and saw what was creating the Shadow: It was what he had been hoping for: The dragon. Making sure not to disturb it, he slowly ducked down behind a rock. Just as he crawled away, twenty soldiers with heavy chains and armour appeared. Before the dragon could look up the men had pinned him down to the ground and threw a big net over him. Looking from his corner, Vlad saw that the dragon looks scared as it was tied up and dragged away by the soldiers. Wanting to know what would happen next, he followed in silence. After a while of following, they came to a castle: the castle of Itch. The soldiers threw the dragon into the dungeon and chained him to the wall. Vlad had followed them because he wanted to know what the soldiers were up to.

The Guards had arrived; all armed with shields and swords. As Drigdrovskieskoff turns around to look at the Guards he whacks his tail against the walls which then fall, trapping the guards. Vlad then runs away full of fright as Drigdrovskieskoff follows. They rested for the night not knowing what's about to happen.

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