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  • Paula Mueller

The Bermondsey Tragedy

On Monday at around 1.42am a mass murder was committed in Bermondsey in southeastern London. Dolet Hill, her husband Denton Burke, their daughter Tanysha Drummonds and their granddaughter Samantha Drummonds were all found dead in their home. Their neighbours had called the police due to a “disturbance”.

When the police arrived at the family’s house on Delafoard Road, they found a 28 year old man who is believed to be the killer. The police used a taser on him and he is now in the hospital. His condition is stable but he does not give any information about his relationship to the family, nor the reason for this terrible crime yet. Why he committed that quadruple murder and killed three generations of one family remains unknown, as does the reason for him being there in the first place.

In the picture on the left, you see (from left to right): Tanysha Drummonds, Samantha Drummonds, Dolet Hill and Denton Burke.

Friends and relatives of Dolet, Denton, Tanysha and Samantha have provided some information about the victims.

Tamysha had two daughters, Samantha, who got killed when staying at her grandparents house because of construction at her place, and Tracy, who is absolutely devastated about losing four family members in one night and unable to talk to anyone at this moment. Dolet was described as a loving and caring woman who “deserved better than this”.

Even though there is not even close to enough information about this crime, what happened at Bermondsey on Monday night is a tragedy that should not be ignored.

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