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  • Nadia Balogun

The BEST dessert

Ice cream is creamy, flavourful and lovely to have on a hot summer day. You can get it in a cone or in a tub with the endless number of addictive flavours. So where did ice cream come from? This cold, refreshing desert, was invented in the 17th century. Each year, 147 million kilograms of ice cream is consumed in the UK. The countries that consume the most ice cream are New Zealand, then the United States and Australia. In these countries, it’s very hot so ice cream could be helpful to cool them down. To get 1 gallon of ice cream, it takes 3 gallons of milk . The difference between gelato and ice cream is that gelato has way more milk and less cream and contains mostly egg yolk. Gelato originally came from Italy and become a hit in the country on a nice hot day when you wanted a refreshment. Ice cream was introduced in 13th century by Marco Polo, who brought it over from China. This delicious, amazing, fantastic dessert has so many different options to choose from. If you feel like a nice tangy fruity flavour you could go for a nice sorbet. if you’re more in the mood for a citrusy flavour, I would go for a very refreshing lemon sorbet. But if you feel more like fruity flavour, go for a mango, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry sorbet. We're not done yet becayse there’s also lovely, creamy rich milky ice cream that melts in the Sun. Vanilla is a nice rich and creamy ice cream flavour to go for and such a classic. When a minty, crunchy, soft, chocolatey ice cream hits your tongue you know it’s mint chocolate chip. It’s a unique flavour if you wanted to try something new. And when you’re having your ice cream or sorbet in a cone you get that lovely crunch with your delicious treat. You can get ice cream all over the world. The amazing thing about ice cream is that it is full of calcium potassium and magnesium,which is great for your cells. Ice cream is also an amazing source of energy because it has carbohydrates fats and protein. It does have sugar so it’s also not the best eat too much, but it’s a nice treat on a nice warm day. It’s very addictive and so delicious. The most popular brand all around the world are Magnum, Cornetto and Ben & Jerry’s. So, what is your favourite ice cream flavour? Will you be trying any of these bizarre or delicious flavours after this article? The best ice cream flavours are: 1) vanilla ice cream 2) chocolate ice cream 3) strawberry ice cream The most bizarre ice cream flavours are: 1) Garlic cloves, ice cream 2) Spaghetti and cheese, ice cream 3) Lobster ice cream

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