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  • Benjamin Charbonnier

The best snacks analysis

I’ve been wondering what the best snacks and drinks when watching your favourite sport or a movie are. What is the most annoying for the people next to you? What tastes the best? Now, you might be wondering what about the health benefits. If you are trying to be healthy, these are all pretty poor when it comes to health benefits. I will attempt to find the perfect options, so by the time you’re done reading, I hope you will have the answer. For this article I have picked out five of the most popular options according to popular belief. The five contenders are Gummi bears, chocolate, Oreos, Pringles and Doritos.

Starting off sweet, we have Gummi bears. First of all, if you intend on secretly snacking on something this is by far the best option. They don’t make a sound when you bite them, they don’t have a smell and leave no crumbs. So if you are in a cinema, that’s gonna be your pick. However, the thing that I find annoying is the flavour of these, or should I say, lack of flavour. They are quite bland and the flavour that is there isn’t great in my opinion but you might think otherwise.

Moving on to something better, we have Oreos. These are perfect, apart from leaving too many crumbs they taste great and if you get double cream Oreos you avoid them being dry, too.

My opinions on chocolate vary because I’ve had some awful chocolate and some that tasted great. Chocolate doesn’t really smell much so you won’t be bothering anyone. The only issue is that it melts and could lead to some sticky fingers, so make sure to have a place to put it that isn’t you're warm hands.

Now were getting into the savoury snacks, starting of with Pringles. I have a bone to pick with these because they are so overrated. First of, the only good flavours are the original and barbecue. Salted Vinegar tastes like an out of date vitamin pill and sour cream and onion is just outright bad. Also, it’s super crumbley and makes a mess. Pringles also happen to be the least crunchy chip known to man. Last and definitely least they are still quite loud but not crunchy so if you’re in public your gonna have everyone starring at you and your chips will suck.

As you can tell I don’t like Pringles at all which is why I am moving on to Doritos. The objectively better chip, these are quite loud but also very crunchy each and every flavour is at least good. They do make a bit of a mess but at least the crumbs at the bottom of the bag are easy to reach which is not the case with a certain other chip. That concludes my analysis.

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