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  • Johannes Hlavka

The Car Problem in the USA

The USA is one of the biggest countries in the world. 331,9 million people live in the USA and 282 million Americans have cars. The USA has 4.304.715 km (about 2.674.825,89 mi) of streets, yet why do they have so many cars?

One reason is the size of the USA. Many people have relatives in different federal states and can normally only get to a different state by car. Another problem is that many cities only have a good infrastructure in the downtown districts. That is why so many people have to drive with a car and because of that America's cities often have traffic jams. Most of the people in the USA think they need more streets to solve the problem, but it would be far more helpful to improve the infrastructure.

There is a lot of space in between stops, as there is a high request in parking spaces. But the politicians don't care about it and it looks a little bit suspicious that some politicians have shares in big car companies.

It is a vicious circle. People need cars, because of the bad infrastructure, get in many traffic jams, want more streets, get more streets and then there is less space for a good infrastructure.

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