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  • Edie Dowding

The Diamond Oak

Chapter 1

I grew up in a village with people different from me. All my life I remember thinking what it would feel like to be one of them. I never knew what made me different, but I knew it had to be something important as I spent most of my days alone. I didn’t mind being by myself.

I’m 16 now, so it’s nothing new to me. I still have my family.

They weren’t very liked in the village either. My parents and I didn’t have a very close relationship. It always seemed like they were hiding something from me. Our dinners were mostly filled with silence and the sounds of our cutlery hitting our plates. So, I would eat my food up as fast as I could so I could excuse myself.

My only friend was my cat, Toby. He would usually wait in my room for me after dinner. I would tell him everything. He especially enjoyed listening to my made-up fairy tales. I would spend most of my days writing them in my secret hiding spot in the garden. That’s where I’d get my best ideas.

In the middle of my hideout spot there was an old oak tree that had to be over 200 years old. It was so beautiful! From the moment I saw it when we moved here, I knew this tree was special. So, when I ever feel like having a break from my family, I would go to my tree and start writing. When my time comes, I want to be buried right under that tree.

One morning I woke up to a sound of a plate smashing. The next moment I heard mum shout. “TOBY, YOU STUPID CAT!” she screamed. I rushed down the stairs to the kitchen in my pyjamas. I was still half asleep as I swooped Toby up into my arms. “Sorry mum it won’t happen again.” I said whilst opening my eyes wider.

“It sure won’t Abigail!” Mum shouted. Whenever mum uses my full name, I know she’s angry. “If your cat doesn’t stop destroying this house, we are taking him to a place far away from us. “But mum- “

“Abigail enough! Go to your room and bring your cat with you. And whilst you’re at, fix your hair would you. I have no idea where you got those blue extensions from, but they look horrible.”

‘Blue extensions? I don’t remember clipping anything into my hair,’ I thought to myself. I walked into my room and sat Toby down onto my bed. I looked into my mirror and realized mum was right. Why were strands of my hair blue? I tried to see if I could unclip them from my head, but they wouldn’t budge. There was no clip. These weren’t hair extensions. This was my hair! I brushed it out to see what it looked like. Not too bad. I kind of liked it. The blue matched my eyes and contrasted nicely with my long brown hair.

Chapter 2 of "The Diamond Oak" is coming soon...

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