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  • Edie Dowding

The Diamond Oak

Chapter 2

I was still confused as to how this happened. Maybe my shampoo died it blue? I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. Just the same thought over and over again. How did it turn blue? I grabbed my laptop, tucked it underneath my arm and went to my spot in the garden. Mum and Dad don’t like it when I use electronics. They think it’s just going to brainwash me. But I think otherwise. I see it as a great source of information. In this case, I really, really needed some information about my hair. I didn’t think any of mum’s weird old books were going to help me. I sat down and leant against the oak tree.

As I typed the first few letters into the search bar, an acorn fell onto my head. “Ouch!” I looked up and saw a squirrel running higher up the tree trunk. ‘It’s so cute!’ I thought to myself. I stood up to see where it was going. “How cute.” I whispered gently. I didn’t want to scare them off. I sat back down and kept typing. Just as I was about to read the answer to my question, another acorn fell onto my head. “Ouch! Come on guys! You must be doing this on purpose.” I squealed. A squirrel climbed down the tree onto the lowest branch that was closest to me. “Oh, hello little thing. Are you here to apologise to me?” I said, giggling. The squirrel pointed its little arm to my head. “Yes, my head. You hit my head with your acorn.” I explained. It shook its head. I didn’t think squirrels could understand humans, let alone interact with them. The squirrel pointed further down to my head to my hair. “Oh, you mean my blue hair. Weird right?” I said. The little squirrel nodded. It looked me in the eyes, and I had the feeling it wanted me to follow it up the tree.

It wasn’t difficult for me to do so. I loved climbing trees. But for some reason I had never climbed this tree before. As I reached the middle, I looked down and realised how high up I was. I poked my head through the branches and saw the beautiful view I had of the whole town. I never knew I was missing out on a view like this. The squirrel nudged me and kept running up the tree. We stopped a couple of branches up. The little squirrel pointed to something. It was glowing. An ocean blue glow. Like the colour of the strands in my hair. I thought it must have been a glass bottle the animals had brought up here. As I got closer, I realised that it was in fact not a glass bottle but a beautiful crystal. “Wow this is gorgeous!” I said. It was a part of the tree, so tightly embedded in the old trunk of the oak tree, it would be impossible to take it out, but I wasn’t planning on it anyway. I slowly reached out my hand to touch the crystal when I heard a deep voice calling my name. “Abi, dinner!”

“Ugh sorry guys it’s my dad. I’ve got to go eat dinner. I’ll be back tomorrow. I promise!”

Chapter 3 of "The Diamond Oak" is coming soon...

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