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The Election Year 2024 Part 1

Although we are constantly reminded that most countries are not democratic, this year there are many upcoming elections around the world, and I will be going over a few in the following article.

U.S. Elections

This year’s U.S. elections are set to be historical since Donald Trump will be facing multiple criminal charges while running. Not only that, but both candidates were Presidents who had to face different issues. A lot of Trump’s effort was originally on tackling migration, and it later shifted to the COVID-19 pandemic, whereas Biden only had to deal with the last stages of the pandemic. Instead, he has put more effort into stopping climate change and tackling inflation from the war in Ukraine. Trump is looking at four court cases coming up. The first has already gotten underway in New York, where he denies paying $130,000 as hush money to an adult film star. The second case is in Florida, where he was charged for keeping classified documents at his private estate, which he was ordered to return but did not. He has a case in Washington coming up about his attempt to overturn the 2020 election and falsely claiming that he had won. He was also arrested last year in Georgia, the state prosecuting him for trying to interfere with the election results. Currently, both ex- or current presidents are at a median voting percentage of 44%, polls suggest. However, often the same states vote for the same parties, and what this massive election can come down to is the little difference in votes in states that have similar amounts of Democrat and Republican voters. For instance, Texas has historically favoured the Republicans, whereas California has favoured the Democrats. Michigan and Wisconsin, however, have an equal base of voters from both parties.

U.K. Elections

There are local elections, Mayor of London elections, and General elections all coming up this year in the U.K., and it’s become very clear that the Conservatives are not going to win any of these elections. They have dropped in the polls since COVID and hit a low during the unstable time when Liz Truss was Prime Minister, which most people have completely forgotten about since she was in office for a short six-week term, which is as long as our summer holidays. The polls have only gone up slightly for the Conservatives since Truss’ resignation and Rishi Sunak came to power. Currently, according to YouGov, the Conservatives are hovering around the 20% mark, while Labour is between 40 and 45%, which means they will need a coalition partner. It’s still uncertain whether or not the Liberal Democrats, polling in third place at 10 to 15%, will form a coalition with Labour, but what we know for sure is that Keir Starmer will be the Prime Minister next year and also the sixth Prime Minister in the last decade. Keir Starmer, who became an MP (currently for Holborn and St. Pancras) in 2015, has only been the Labour leader since 2020 and he’s promised five things to improve Britain:

  1. Make Britain the fastest growing economy in the G7 by the end of his first term (in 2029)

  2. Remove fossil fuels from all of Britain’s energy generation

  3. Upgrade the NHS by getting more staff or getting staff to work longer

  4. Improve education

  5. Reform the justice system

However, while this sounds great, the missions are not easy to fulfill, and Starmer is planning on putting up taxes, such as corporation tax, which makes growing the economy more difficult. In the next article, I will focus on the largest election in history in India and the European Parliament elections.



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