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  • Lara Pirk and Eva Lindenschmidt

The Good Deed

Once upon a time, there was a little spider who was often bullied by her schoolmate, a fox. In the whole forest, the fox was known for being a bully. Every time the fox crossed the little spider’s path, he would bully her. The spider did not have any friends, and no one wanted to stand up to the fox because they feared being bullied themselves, so they did not help.

Once again, on a sunny Monday morning, the spider met the fox on her way to school. He said, “Oh hello spider, I almost didn’t see you. You should do something against being small, otherwise animals will step on you. And your color is such an ugly grey, look at my lovely orange fur!” As always, the fox kept annoying the spider throughout the entire school day and no one dared interfere. On the way home the spider cried, thinking about how great her life would be without the fox. Her mother tried to comfort her but even she did not dare talk back to the fox. All she did was tell the little spider to ignore the fox and he would go away. The spider knew her mother was just trying to make her feel better but got annoyed that no one was helping and ran outside.

On the other side of the forest, the fox was trying to find food for dinner. He silently crept along a path trying to figure out what berries his mother had wanted. He spotted them in the distance and leapt forward to retrieve them. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his paw. He skidded to a halt and looked down to see what was causing the pain. To his horror, he found a trap biting at his paw. It had been set up by a hunter to catch animals. He tried to free himself but that only made the cut deeper.

Deep inside the forest, the little spider was crawling along. She was thinking about what her mother had said and wondered if it was good advice. Suddenly, she was pulled out of her thoughts. Underneath her was a hunter walking along a trail. She decided to follow him to see if she could help an animal that was caught in a trap. She tailed him the entire way to a part of the forest she had never been to. There the hunter stopped. He was looking at a certain spot behind a bush and appeared delighted. The spider figured he must have caught something there. She moved closer to see what animal it was and to her surprise saw that it was the fox. The hunter pulled out something from his belt and the little spider knew that the fox did not have long to live. She would have to think quickly. She crawled to the spot above the hunter and slowly let herself down until she was directly in front of him. Seeing the spider, the hunter cried out, quickly turned away and ran off into the woods.

The fox now managed to free himself and tried to walk. Sadly, his paw was broken because of the incident and he could barely crawl. Still, he turned to the spider and said gratefully, "Thank you! Maybe looking like you is not that bad after all.” The spider just nodded and made her way home. Even though they were still not friends the fox never bullied her again.

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