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The history of Coca-Cola

Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink made by the Coca-Cola Company. The beverage is sold in over 200 countries and consumers drink over 1.8 billion servings every day. But how did Coca-Cola get so successful and where did it all begin?

Coca-Cola was invented over 100 years ago in the city of Atlanta. A pharmacist named John Pemberton was experimenting with a new syrup recipe. He thought that this recipe tasted good so he brought it to a place called Jacobs Pharmacy. There they mixed the syrup with plain water and sold it to customers. An employee mixed the syrup with carbonated water out of accident and served to a customer. The customer loved the drink and so one of the greatest refreshment drinks of all time was invented.

Frank Robertson, Pemberton's accountant, gave Coca-Cola its name. The ,, Coca” was used because of the fluid extract of coca leaves in the drink and the ,,Cola” was used for the cola nuts holding the caffeine in the beverage.

Coca-Cola was not a big success when it began and it sold only around 5 glasses per day. It was time for a change, so the drink was sold to a businessman named ASA Candler who formed a cooperation to sell and produce it. Candler was a marketing genius who came up with numerous ways to promote the drink. He even gave out coupons for free samples of Coca-Cola to advertise the product. This way Coca-Cola began to be sold all over America.

For many years Coca-Cola was only served in so called ,,soda fountains” until two men named Thomas and Whitehead had a revolutionizing idea. They said that Coca-Cola should be sold in bottles so that people could drink it at home. Mr. Candler thought this was a great idea and sold them the right to bottle it. And it turned out that bottled Coca-Cola was a huge success. But there was a problem at hand. Competitors started to try and capitalize of of the drink's popularity. So, the bottlers decided to make Coca-Cola's famous contour bottle to distinguish themselves from the imposters in 1916. In 1919 Mr. Candler sold the company to investors. Later, a Man named Robert Woodruff was named the new company president. Under his leadership Coca-Cola opened bottling plants in places all over the world and the drink became an international brand.

Nowadays Coca-Cola is still enjoyed by many people in the world and continues to rise in success.

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