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  • Leo Veseli

The Last Generation

In Germany and surrounding European countries the climate activist group known as the Last Generation has been a staple in the news and on social media, however many don’t know what they really are, how they work or their history.

The Last Generation was founded in 2021 by participants in a hunger strike titled “hunger strike of the last generation”. Since their formation they have staged many non-violent climate actions, including 276 over the course of 2022 alone. These usually include road blockades, vandalism of artwork or other objects including yachts and private jets, and strikes in front of governmental offices. Throughout all of these protests they make it very clear that their sole goal is to increase the awareness for climate change, especially that of big corporations and governments. In Germany the three central demands they want to be implemented are a speed limit on all motorways of 100km/h, a cheap universal ticket for public transport and a social council of 160 members whose job is to make a plan to stop the usage of fossil fuels by 2030.

These protests however haven’t been met exclusively with positivity, especially from the general public. Road blocks have been met with uproar by drivers affected who partially have been tending towards violence to vent their anger. Many also see the actions of vandalising oil paintings by famous artists to be over-exaggerated and unnecessary. These actions have also not been welcomed by many of Germany’s judicial systems with all of them handing out hefty fines and Bavaria even classing them as a terrorist organisation, leading to their website being seized in May of 2023. Their funding has also come under scrutiny as they have only used just over half of the 900,000€ they have received via donations. Many activists are also paid wages of about 1300€ a month to participate in what many cite to be criminal activities. A lot of their funding is also subsidised by the Climate Emergency Fund im the USA, which is owned by an oil billionaire heir, meaning they are funded by the exact thing they stand so passionately against.

Even though they have been met with much opposition, their intentions cannot be undermined, as this may be the only way for our planet to survive and if that is what it takes, then they are prepared to go all the way. A fighting spirit must be commemorated, however to make your own opinion you have to know both sides to the story and so this should help you make your mind up.

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