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  • Johannes Hlavka

The Maze Runner

What does a novel need inorder to be a great novel? Complex characters, a captivating story and amazing plots. That ́s everything what MazeRunner, the New York bestseller by James Dashner has.

A book about a guy named Thomas who wakes up in an elevator without memories about his old life. When the elevator stops and the door opens, he beholds the Glade; a big place in a gigantic maze. In the Glade,there are boys who live there and who also got there by an elevator. They call themselvesthe Gladers. Every month a new boy comes to the Glade, but that stopped once an unconscious girl arrived and everything changed.

There are ten leader in the Glade called the keepers. One for every type of work in the Glade.

The most important job is the runner. The runners are the people who search for a way out of the maze, but many people there are already used to their new lives because some of them have already been in the Maze for three years. The runners have to be back before the night because when the night starts the entry to the maze closes and a monster called Grievers can hunt them down. The Gladers call the guy who put them in the maze the creator, but Buddy, one of the characters, knows who is really behind it and who the creator is, maybe closer to them than they think.

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