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  • Cosima Krome

The Murder Game (Part One)

It was 7am and I was getting ready for school, when I got the invitation...

“Scarlett, you have a letter!” my mum called from the kitchen.

I dragged myself down the stairs to see my annoying little sister Ivy sitting at the kitchen counter.

“Maybe it's your first admirer!” she said grinning.

We used to be close but ever since she became friends with the popular girls from school, something changed. At least, she did. I snatched the envelope from my mother's grip and stuck out my tongue at Ivy. I looked outside and realised it was pouring with rain. Great. I had my physics presentation today and I couldn't be late. I pulled on my raincoat and put my hair into a low ponytail before I grabbed my bag and was out the door. I jogged down the muddy path leading to the exit of our cottage. I closed the gate behind me and took out the letter. In the kitchen I hadn't really realised but now looking at it closer, I could see that this letter was definitely no love letter. The envelope seal was a royal blue symbol, making it look very professional. I took out the letter and began to read.

Dear Scarlett Taylor Jones, I am very pleased to inform you that you have been invited to my annual murder game. Come to the abandoned mansion on Bartemoore Hill at 11 pm tonight. If you refuse to join the game, there will be consequences. I have picked out the clothes you should wear, and you will receive them soon. Don't be late.

Ps: I know your secret.

What was going on and what did this person know?! It couldn't be what happened on July 4th, could it? I walked over to the bus stop and sat down on a bench next to it. Breathe. There is no way that this person would know. I can't worry about this right now, I told myself. I was shivering with cold when the bus arrived.

I made my way into the school, eyeing every person I passed. Okay, let's think. Who was with me at the party when it happened? Alexa! We used to be best friends but on July 4th, when I wanted to forget what I had done, Alexa just wanted to come out with the truth, saying that the guilt would never leave. She was right. But I was too stubborn to ever admit that. I saw her entering the girl's bathroom, so I quickly slipped in behind her.

“Alexa, we need to talk, it's important,” I said, looking into her clear blue eyes…

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