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  • Cosima Krome

The Murder Game (Part Three)

When I got home, a package was lying on my bed. I opened it carefully. It was a scarlet red dress. I picked it up and held it out in front of me. It was silky smooth. I looked back down and rummaged around in the tissues that filled the box. I found a pair of matching gloves and another small box. I closed my door before opening it. I had a feeling I wouldn't want my mum to walk in and see this. I was right. In the box lay a small yet intimidating pocketknife. I took a sharp breath. Under the knife was another letter. I opened it.

I hope you appreciate the dress I got you. And don't worry. The knife will only need to be used in emergencies. I just thought that you might need it. See you tonight.

I already didn't like this mystery person. But I still decided to go. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to take a bike with this long dress, but since we didn't have a car, this was the only option. I pedalled along the road thinking about how strange this all was. I was driving up to the entrance when a black jeep pulled up beside me. It was Nate Collins. He was at the party in July.

“You got the letter too?” I asked.

“Yeah. I was blackmailed,” he said, ringing the bell.

“Me too. I'm really hoping it's not the secret I think it is...,” I said.

“Same here,” he answered. We entered the echoing hall.

“Nate! What's up, man!” That was Carter. The popular guy all the boys wanted to be. He had everything. Everything, including my sister. They started dating a month ago and I hated the influence he had on her. She was always coming home late from parties, and she was only fourteen years old!

“Want to get a drink? I'll bring you one, be right back,” Carter said before disappearing into a dark, narrow stairwell, probably leading to the wine cellar. All of a sudden, the candles blew out and everything turned pitch black.

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