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  • Cosima Krome

The Murder Game (Part Two)

“Alexa, we need to talk, it’s important,” I said, looking into her clear blue eyes. She didn't answer but she did walk away either.

“Did you tell anyone what happened that night?” I carried on.

“No, I would have told you," she answered, looking down. I could hear in her voice that she wasn't too pleased to speak to me.

“Well how come someone knows?” I said, starting to panic. So, this wasn't just some mean prank.

“We weren't the only people at that party, Scarlett,” she said, walking over to the sink.

“But it was only us in the cellar!” I said frustratedly.

“That's what we thought. Maybe there was a fourth person,” she answered calmly.

“There's no way Billy could have let anyone know, right?” I asked, suspecting something that was close to impossible.

“No. Scarlett, no, of course not, are you crazy??” she laughed.

“Wait! There was a window! I remember now,” I said.

“So maybe someone was listening. Or watching. It gives me chills even thinking of that. Scarlett, for whatever reason you think someone knows, I don't want to be part of any of it. Like you said at the party: it’s better to just forget." She made her way to the exit.

“But you were right! We can't forget! It is too hard. Alexa, stop. Please! I need your help!” I begged. “I got a letter. Or more like an invitation."

“What did it say?” she asked me, clearly interested.

“It was an invitation to a game. On the hill. Alexa, I can't go back there. It's where the party was!” I said, tearing up.

“You've already told me too much. I don't want to be part of this. But if I can give you some advice it would be, go,” she answered.

“Go? “ I asked, confused, thinking her answer should have been very different.

“Yes! When you're there you might figure it out. Find out if someone knows. Check if it's still there,” she said before she walked out. Her last sentence made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I decided to take her advice...

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