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The Next Prime Minister (the second time in six weeks)

I would like to start off by saying that my article “The next Prime Minister” is not to be confused with this one. That article was about Liz Truss and this one is about Rishi Sunak: they are not the same article.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that Liz Truss was and is now no longer Prime minister and Rishi Sunak has finally gotten the job and is the third prime minister in the past two months. Our former PM was told to hit the ground running, but what really got hit was our economy. Liz Truss resigned after 45 days (about 1 and a half months). She had cut 45 billion pounds worth of taxes before realizing this was a bad idea, as she didn’t want to stop spending money (meaning we fall into this big hole called debt which is very difficult to get out of). She even had two chancellors’ during her time as PM. If Liz Truss will ever become a PM again, it won’t be soon.

The polls are also saying that Keir Starmer will be prime minister soon. As you have already been informed of, Rishi Sunak became PM, the youngest PM in 200 years and the first Indian prime minister. His parents are both Indian, his wife is the daughter of the fourth richest man in India and yet, Rishi Sunak only started learning Indian last month. He has six residencies in Britain if you count Number 10 and he has a net worth of 800 million. The king’s net worth is only 600 million.

If we look at Rishi Sunak’s cabinet you can see that Nadhim Zahawi, Suella Braveman, Dominic Raab along with another 15 or more from Boris’ and Liz Truss’ cabinet are back. So, did we have three Prime Minister’s or did Boris Johnson resign and Rishi Sunak take over with a 45-day hiccup in between? Things aren’t looking good for him though, the news has been reporting about refugees being kept in Kent for several days. Whilst Sunak originally said he was busy fixing the Economy and couldn’t go to Cop27, he was told the former-former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was going to attend. Sunak realized that he must also go to Cop27. That isn’t because they’re great friends, it’s quite the opposite. We haven’t seen much of our new PM yet and I hope I don’t need to write a new article about another new prime minister in the next six weeks.

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