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  • Paula Mueller

The Oscars

On the 28th of March the 94th Academy Awards took place in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

It was full of fascinating performances, like Beyoncé performing her song ‘Be Alive’, the entire ‘Encanto’ Cast singing ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ together or Billie Eilish’s performance of ‘No Time to Die’ with FINNEAS.

Just as unique as the performances were the red-carpet outfits. From Kristen Stewart’s Chanel short suit to Zendaya’s cropped silk button-up with a sparkling floor length skirt. The most outstanding outfits were by Billie Eilish’s black Gucci dress, Jessica Chastain’s ombré Gucci gown, Timothée Chalamet’s sparkling black suit and Jada Pinkett Smith’s green gown.

While there were many amazing performances, one event actually involving Jada Pinkett Smith.

The actress has been suffering from alopecia for several years now. Alopecia is a disease which causes hair loss. It is quite common with around 7million people, only in the US, being affected by it. Many other famous celebrities, including Keira Knightley and Jesy Neilson, have had to deal with it and while everyone handles it differently it has a big impact on your confidence either way.

When the comedian Chris Rock made a joke about it before announcing Will Smith’s first Oscar, the audience, including Will laughed at first while Jada seemed unhappy. Will then went on the stage to slap Chris Rock and tell him to take his wife’s name out of his mouth. While most celebrities present where wondering wether this was all staged to attract more viewers, some famous people like Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington went up to Will and Jada to show their support.

People are questioning wether Will Smith’s reaction was appropriate and wether he should have handled the situation differently by perhaps talking about the disease and shaming Chris Rock for the joke rather than physically assaulting him.

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