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  • Emily Mandl

The Plague

An extremely dangerous illness known as the plague existed in the past. The term "Black Death" was also applied to it. A number of people were harmed by this sickness, which spread swiftly. It serves as a reminder that we should take precautions because we are prone to illness. The pandemic began in the fourteenth century, according to historical records. Through the use of trade routes, it started in Central Asia. When it finally made it to Europe, the worst outbreak took place between 1347 and 1351. Much death and ruin was brought about by it. Rat fleas were the primary carriers of the disease. There were two distinct strains of the plague: one that resulted in uncomfortable nodules known as buboes, and the other that had lung-related symptoms.

The horrifying effect was that the epidemic drastically altered cultures. This led to many deaths that impacted human history. The Black Death is thought to have killed 75 to 200 million people. Almost one-third of the population in Europe passed away. This had a significant impact on society and daily life. The pandemic had a significant negative effect on society. When loved ones passed away, families and friends were shattered. People were afraid and wary of one another. They attacked and victimised marginalised groups, including Jews and lepers. The sickness also led to a labour shortage, which rendered society unsteady and altered power relationships.

Cultural and artistic expression transformed following the epidemic. In their works, artists depicted the miseries of the illness. The "dance macabre," a depiction of death, became popular. Writers like Giovanni Boccaccio and Geoffrey Chaucer wrote stories influenced by the plague. The disease changed the way people saw the world.

The plague was a terrible disease that spread quickly and caused a lot of suffering. It changed societies and left a mark on history. It reminds us that we need to be strong against diseases and take care of our health. The artistic and cultural expressions that emerged from the plague continue to remind us of the importance of remembering and learning from the past.

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