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The rise and fall of Trump’s right-hand man

Rudy Giuliani was born in New York in 1944 and he went from a hero persecuting criminals and being adored to being persecuted and hated, but how did this happen?

Giuliani started his career as a lawyer, after attending the New York Law School in Manhattan. In 1981 he became the United States Associate Attorney General, the third highest legal position in the Department of Justice. In 1984 he became the Attorney for the Southern District of New York, a position he preferred because he was from the city. There he started gaining publicity after taking on Wall Street insider traders and the Mafia. Being a lawyer and not even a politician, Giuliani was recognized for being a crime-fighting hero and so he ran for Mayor of New York in 1994, again promising to bring down crime in New York which was at a near all-time high. He enforced much stricter police policies which did lower the crime rate, but it led to the public despising Giuliani and the police for their brutality and racism.

In 2001, after the 9/11 attacks, Giuliani became seen as a hero to New Yorkers, because he told them that they were in it together and everything was going to be alright. Giuliani was known as “the Mayor of America” and was one of the most beloved men in America. Giuliani stepped aside from politics and founded a company which helped city security around the world and he did become rich.

Since then, he never managed to keep up on the political side of things. He tried running for President in 2007 where he briefly was ahead in the Republican polls, but he ended up losing to John McCain. Falling short of running for President, Giuliani took notice of another prominent New York figure: Trump. Giuliani was close by Trump and in doing so did lose his legitimacy as well, supporting multiple conspiracy theories and often appearing on Fox News. Dirt about Trump later came about his comments about women and it looked like it was over for Trump, but Giuliani defended him, and Trump ended up becoming the Republican candidate and winning the election.

Because of Giuliani’s shady relationships such as through an Iranian terrorist organization with his security company, Giuliani didn’t get a White House role, but did become Trump’s lawyer in 2018. But since Trump fell from power, Giuliani lost the position and it’s gone sour for him. He’s lost his law license which means he can no longer be a lawyer, his house was raided by the FBI in 2021, he’s been accused of sexual assault, and on December 15, 2023, after many defamation cases and huge court fines, he’s had to file for bankruptcy.

Trump is now facing hundreds of millions of dollars in court fines as well and he has further court cases. Will he become President?

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