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  • Isabel Raghoo

The tale of sagpio part 1

I am in bed awake, just like I have been the entire night, because today was the day of the twelve and this year I may be chosen as one of the next to stand for one of three people of four clans. Suddenly the door burst open, and someone comes in and at once starts talking “Morning scarlet, you didn’t sleep again, did you? I didn’t sleep much either I am so nervous about the sorting today and it is the day of the twelve as well I'm pretty sure that I will be one of the twelve I have been wanting to be one of the twelve since I was 3 years old...” I cut medley of from talking “there is less than an 3% chance that we will make it and frankly I'm fine with only being a royal not all can be chosen to be one of the 12.” “Yes. But we are special. You will probably be Capricorn or Aquarius one of the best royals in training whilst I become the best of the twelve and the most loved person in the air clan.” after this conversation with medley I am shocked at the fact that she even came to me since she has more friends than I have had in a life time and because she never actually was my friend. A housekeeper comes in and gets me dressed in a white dress and pins my hair up she is kind and has been helping me chose what I wear since I arrived here when I was only five years old. When she is done with my hair, she wants to apply make-up, but I tell her not to. Same routine as always just this time she must help me to pack my last belongings the next time I come in this room it is to leave to go somewhere completely different and I won't be coming back. Last thing I pack my bow and arrows and a small dagger I have since I can remember, and as I leave the room the last thing, I see is my packed backs and personal items that all look like they belong just right here. My name is scarlet, I don’t know who my parents are and lived in the woods. Then on a freezing night in Dezember someone came and rescued me from the cold broken tent, and few covers I used to call home. An old man who called himself Mason he said he was one of the twelve and that he was a Capricorn. He brought me to an orphanage where the first thing they did was teach me important things and gave me food. I stayed out of trouble most of the times as well. Then when I turned 10 strange things happened: I started using magic. Suddenly I heard a loud noise and I quickly turned around to see what was happening and was shocked what I saw. 

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