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  • Isabel Raghoo

The tale of sagpio part 2

Suddenly I hear a loud noise and I quickly turned around to see what was happening and was shocked when I saw... 

Medley standing there with a frozen shock written in her face. I'm too terrified to move what happened and why would anyone want to hurt an innocent yet slightly annoying girl? Now petrified and still as an ice statue. I was terrified. what had happened and why medley? I can't imagine any scenario where she could do something bad enough to deserve this. And whilst my tears fell and panic filled my lungs, I felt somebody behind me pulling me up and dragging me away. Everything after that is more of a blur. I just remember people dragging me away into the ceremony room and people staring at me. Then it started. A man stepped forward and gave the usual speech that we all must play our part in this place and when we grow up that we will eventually understand why this all happened. He probably said something important about our future lives, but I really couldn't care less and was daydreaming throughout more than half of his speech. I finally came back to reality when he said, “May the sorting begin.” It was everything else other than what I had expected. One by one we were called up onto the stage and then the man that had talked the entire time would make all of us walk through a giant gate, with us meaning all of the 14-year-olds dressed in white that would go through the sorting today. The sorting is a special ceremony. We're all 14-year-olds with girls wearing white dresses secured with a brown belt. Boys wear a plain white t-shirt with white shorts with a brown belt. It's been like this since forever. Every year everyone to become 14 years old must go through the sorting ceremony and find out which element they are allied to. But every time a child came back from the gate, the clothes were no longer white They had colour and they looked like they had come alive. Scarlet could see what people meant by that now she had seen a scared girl go into the gate and then she came out her dress was green, and it was as if you could see a forest on her dress her hair once blonde now her hair was as brown as bark from a tree, but her face was completely different. She had strange greenish black marks on her face the entire room went quiet and then someone said “the new Capricorn has been chosen and everyone started clapping and celebrating whilst she was brought away and the next thing scared me the most “scarlet night you're next”     

To be continued...  


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