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  • Zachary Ridgwick

The Vision Pro - Apple’s latest

Apple just introduced their latest product - the Apple vision Pro. It’s a monster of a headset and might possibly be the future of mobile technology. In this article you’ll find all the information you need to know, including design, prices and just how good it is.

Introducing Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro was revealed at Apples WWDC23 (Worldwide Developer’s Conference (20)23) and has caused talk and discussion all over the world, be it for the price, amazing technology or the weird eye feature. Simplified it’s an augmented reality device; it shows virtual things on top of real life. The Vision Pro however takes it to the next level. You can control your surroundings with a flick of your finger, watch TV at 4K and work “seamlessly”, with your devices and accessories connected.

And apples tried to make it more social as well. There’s a feature where, when someone enters the room and talks to you, a copy of your eyes - scanned by the many cameras on the thing - lights up on the display, so the glass part. When on FaceTime, a 3D version of you is projected into the screens of other people.

As said before: 4K TV. However, there’s more. You’ll be able to move and make the floating digital screen massive, as if you’re watching it in the cinema. It will also adapt to the room you’re in - as in the brightness of screen will change based on the environment. Connect your controller to the Vision Pro and play the Apple Arcade. Look at photos and relieve memories in a massive screen. This is what Apple promised us with the Vision Pro.


But what’s probably the most impressive feature is the fact you control it all with your eyes and fingers. Other VRs use controllers, which make it a bit clunky and annoying - on Apple it’s one device. The battery is okay - 2 hours not connected, but if you want all day you need to have a battery box in your pocket, and a cable in the way.

Lastly, the price. 3.499$ for this piece of kit. Clearly, it’s meant to be a luxury item - but in the future, this could be the new iPhone. Come the release date next year, we’ll see if people are happy with it, and if it’s got a bright future.

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