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  • Janik Salazar Kaiser

Twickenham Stadium, England Rugby Team (2nd) Lucky Star!

As we reach the final stages of the 2023 Six Nations Rugby tournament, it's important to remember that just 3 miles away from our DSL, we can find the Twickenham Stadium, one of the world‘s largest rugby stadiums, with capacity for a total of 82,000 rugby supporters. It is the home ground for the England national rugby team.

However, is this the stadium where the English team achieves their best win ratio?

Turns out that the ‘luckiest’ stadium for the English team to play in is not even in England. It is located in Rome and is called “Stadio Olimpico.” There, England has won all 5 games they played against Italy's home team, the “Azzuri”, until the end of 2022. Just recently they won their 6th game against the Azzuri: on the 12th of February, when they encountered each other in a Six Nations game.

Twickenham Stadium takes 2nd place after “Stadio Olimpico”, as the English team has scored 201 tries in 55 matches with an average of 3.65 tries per match at their home ground.

This is also the stadium that has seen the most tries per match on average, with 5.2 tries per game.

This stadium is more than a century old building as it was constructed in 1907 by architect John Bradley and was opened to the public 2 years later. Since then it has undergone several additional developments, the latest one being in 2018 where the roof was finally completed.

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